2003 Prosser-Jones Birthday

Every year, since 1998, Tryf and Jonesy (See UWB 2nd team 99-00) have tried to celebrate their birthdays together (as there is only 1 day between the birthdays, though 5 years between the pair of idiots).

One of the most entertaining events was in November 2003. I’ve tried to capture as much detail as I can remember…

Thursday, 6th November

A group of intrepid party-goers turn up at Tryf’s house for a night in Wrexham(!) Everyone was looking forward to the evening’s events

Friday am, 7th November

After a heavy session (Chicago Rock’s special ‘Buy a meal and get drinks free’ was too good to turn down) the boys awake and all are fresh and looking forward to a round of golf!

Friday pm, 7th November

With golf out of the way (the Tandoori Knights Open trophy still sits pretty on Tryf’s cabinet), the boys head for Bangor via McDonalds and Llanfairfechan! With only half of the troupe stood in the Fancy Dress store, the others knew they were in for a real surprise! The shop keepers were delighted when we left with 12 outfits and headed to the Menai to check in. After a quick visit to Bangor High Street for face paints (see Ade Malone, right), we were ready to drink and get dressed up! Once kitted out, downstairs to the bar we went!

In the bar, we stole the show. Whether it was genuine surprise and joy at the classic outfits, constant sniggering at Ade Malone’s cow suit or amazement at the pint of shit downed on stage, all eyes were on the idiotic former students (and friends)

Late Friday pm, 7th November

From the Menai, we visited Paddy’s, Rascals and then headed to Time for an evening of Snakey B, WKD and foolish moves on the dancefloor! Wine and champagne followed in the Menai and I have vague recollections of someone getting it on with a midget.

Jez, Tryf and a couple of others then shared a room, which had rather big consequences, and once all were fast asleep (around 5:30am), we had the task of waking at 6:30am to catch the Ferry to Ireland!

Saturday, 8th November

Of course we didn’t get to Ireland!

Having missed the train to Holyhead, we decided food was the best option and visited Late Stop for sandwiches before returning to the rooms.

Unfortunately, I don’t really remember much of our remaining time in Bangor that Saturday. I have a feeling we might have visited the Tap & Spile (could it be the one where Bertie commented ‘I didn’t know Liverpool were playing Celtic’ during a clash between Wrexham and Yeovil?) and have a suspicion we ended up in Main Bar. The previous evening’s events had taken their toll!

Sunday pm, 9th November

Tryf and Jonesy departed for a day drinking elsewhere, so it was left to the rest to continue the fun. Unfortunately, our good friend Phil Owen had been unable to attend due to prior commitments. We were gutted, but had to make the most without him. However, there’s a twist. Phil was actually in Bangor, staying with his lovely lady, Emma! And he’d neglected to tell us! Emma gave the game away, and Mr O’Brien led the attack – Phil was in his sights.

What I’ve been told – The group forced Mr Owen to join them for a few drinks and decided he should down a bottle of Lambrini for his sins. They then visited a local establishment (possibly Paddy’s) where Phil enjoyed several pints of Stella…. laced with Vodka. Needless to say, Phil was in bed within the hour, and failed to get up until the Monday evening! Mr O’Brien’s work was complete.

Monday, 10th November

Jonesy calls, announcing to the remaining members of the group that he’s passed his Police interview – hooray! It’s reason enough to celebrate, and a few of the lads decide to stay just one more night.

Highlights – more drinking in Time (60s, 70s, 80s), more Lambrini (with the addition of Laxatives)

Lowlights – the Tuesday – realisation that 5 nights on the beer is about to catch up with us, and we might never get the chance to do this again!!!