Old Boys 2013 – Preview

So, it’s upon us once again. The weekend we all roll back the years and behave like students once again. The one weekend we all look forward to all year round. Well what is in-store this year……

I know the first question on all of your minds is, if Mr Megson is not there, will cock art make an appearance? Well you will all just have to wait and see. Of course many other questions have arisen, what is the t-shirt theme, will Chairman Williams be any good, will Mr Donnelly once again try Man vs Food and most importantly will Mr Giddings actually fuck a pig this year? All I am sure will be revealed.

The weekend will start on the Friday, for some on the golf course during the day and for the rest at night starting in the Menai (I hope they know what they are letting themselves in for letting us all stay there). From the Menai we will make our way to the Belle Vue, where we need to find Chris (the Landlord) and thank him for his generous sponsorship of the Old Boys website. One thing I can assure you is, during the night there will be plenty of fines given out. Catching up with old friends, having 1 or 100 pints and simply having a brilliant night will be the theme of the evening.

Saturday, starting with hangover recovery. Probably some heads and volleys tan ass somewhere along the line. Mr G Edwards will finally be put out of his misery as everyone finds out what the t shirt theme is this year. An afternoon of drinking, more fines and stupidity will be followed by another outrageous night.

Sunday, ahhh the climax. Once again starting with a hangover, but this time topped with a game of football. This year the Old Boys will be trying to regain the shield from the students. With some new young blood in the team plus the old heads, we have a damn good chance (Although we may have to get a different shape ball for Mr Long, who has been playing rugby recently).  Win, lose or draw, we will all probably end upon the floor. The afternoon will once again involve plenty of booze, songs, games and more fines. Genius.

All I can say is… bring it on!!

Chairman Williams