Old Boys Song – The Hairs on her Dicki Di Do

Here are the lyrics…

CHORUS: And the hairs on her dicki di do
Hang down to her knees.
One black one, one white one
And one with a little shite on,
And one with a little light on
To show us the way.

The Mayor of Bayswater
He has a lovely daughter.

If she were my daughter,
I’d have them cut shorter.

I’ve smelt it and felt it,
It feels like a piece of velvet.

I’ve ate it and fucked it,
And even loose rucked it.

It would take a coal miner,
To find her vagina.

She married an Italian,
With balls like a bloody stallion.

She divorced the Italian,
And married the stallion.

It’s like going through a forest,
To find her clitoris.

I licked it, I pricked it,
I even fly hacked it.

Her love thought he had seduced her,
But it turned out he’d only goosed her.

One black one, one white one,
The white one was semen.

On a trip through Vladivostock,
She sampled a bit of horsecock.

She sits on a mountain,
And pisses like a bloody fountain.