2000-01 3rd team

The Management:
Manager – Ian Mellis; Assistants – Gwyn Parry Jones, Chris Mitchell

Craig Reilly (GK) aka McTavish
Write-up: Scottish shot stopper in the Bruce Grobbelar mould.

Craig Shaw (GK/CB)
Write-up: English and erratic under the high ball unless he played at centre half when he was quite good.

Tom Evans (CB)

John Salzberg (CB)

Andy Gibbons (CB/CM) aka Gibbo
Write-up: Versatile ball player at centre half and centre midfield- stolen by the first team.

Chris Mitchell (LB/LM)
Write-up: Previous player manager and defensive rock

Gwilym Jones (LB)
Write-up: Useful left back, stolen early in the season by the first team

Neil Parmenter (CB)
Write-up: Defensive Rock, stolen by the first team.

John Dickinson (CM) aka Digger
Write-up: Box to box midfield general- stolen by the first team

Graham Oatridge (CM)
Write-up: Captain and midfield dynamo in the mould of Gerrard

Andy Wrigg (LM/LB/RM/RB)
Write-up: Versatile ball juggler with a cultured cross in the Stuart Downing role.

Rob Musgrave (LM)
Write-up: Dead ball speacialist

Gwyn Williams (CM)
Write-up: Played as a favour to help us out- couldn’t take the physical nature of the game so went and played for the first team (only joking Gwyn)

Ryan Jones (CM)
Write-up: Classy ball player- stolen by the first team

Matty Lowe (LM)
Write-up: Flying winger- stolen by the first team

Tom Hoppitt (CF)
Write-up: Former Goalkeeper, became a handy striker and loved a beer. Always available in Time for a crazy dance.

Pete ? (CF)
Write-up: Quick, goal poacher

Ian Mellis (CF)
Write-up: Player manager and overhead kick expert- crap at penalties. Regretted letting the first team manager play in goal as he poached all his good players (sorry Craig)

Gwyn Parry Jones (CM/CF)
Write-up: Reformed striker- centre midfielder with a David Batty/ Ronaldhino style prescence