1999-00 2nd Team

Little success on the pitch on a Sunday morning was mainly down to their reputation on a Friday and Saturday night. And Sunday afternoon. And Monday.. anyway, they did manage to win their Welsh BUSA division (Wednesday matches) with relative ease. Highlight (or possibly lowlight, depending on who you speak to) was the trip to Brighton. I’m sure you know the rest.

The Management:
Tryfan Prosser & Phil Owen
Soracha Cashman, Tamsin Anastasi-Pace, Small Paul Jones

Iain Ridgeway (GK)
Write-up: Overall, Iain was a great keeper but fairly quiet….until he had a few beers. Highlight has to be the night he realised he’d parked illegally, and got all the (drunken) lads to lift his car and move it to a new parking space!

Dave Brindley (RB)
Write-up: Hard-tackling right back whose only weakness was his sight. Or lack of it.  The crowd would scream (A-La Forrest Gump) every time Dave was near the toucline to ensure he stayed onthe pitch! Every Friday night in Time Dave would claim he’d beaten the World record for most bottles of WKD consumed in an evening.

Kevin Philliskirk (CB)
Write-up: Talented centre half whose strengths were his size and a natural footballing brain. Unfortunately, due to lack of fitness and unwillingness to drink alcohol, Kev never reached his full potential during the 99/00 season. Also had an uncanny knack of arguing with anyone… on his own team.

Dave Mann (CB) aka Sicknote aka Paul Cranium
Write-up: Another solid centre half, when he was there! Dubbed ‘sicknote’ early in the season, it was clearly a surprise when Dave managed to complete 3 games in a row.

Ioz Jones (RB/LB)
Write-up: Had his own style on the pitch. Fantastic defender one week, Djimi Traore the next. Off the pitch, Ioz enjoyed a drink and spent some time as Club Captain before the pressures of the job and papparazzi got the better of him. Ended the year by being elected AU President.

Mike Widera (RB/LB)
Write-up: Though lanky and a little ungainly on the pitch, Mike was an absolute legend off it. He loved a drink, and thrived on the punishments handed out to him by Mr Chairman. He was loved by Cilla on Blind Date, which the football team watched over a beer in The Menai. Brilliant.

Sam Oliver (LB)
Write-up: Though he was easily one of the best Left-Backs in the University, Sam was constantly hampered by injuries. Always up for a laugh and a beer, he fitted in well to the 2nd Team ethos.

Dan Green (RB/LB)
Write-up: Can’t remember how many games he played, but famous for his debut. Losing at the time, and being kicked off the park I asked substitute Dan to “get out there and kick that t*%t”, pointing at their winger. Dan went on and within a minute, the winger was three foot in the air, broke a rib and Dan got booked. Brilliant.

John O’Brien (CM) aka Sven aka Chocolate Legs
Write-up: An absolute rock in the midfield, but as useful as a chocolate teapot in front of goal – hence the nickname ‘Chocoleg’. As surprising as it may sound now, the 99/00 season was one where Mr O’Brien was renowned for being teetotal and only drank 2-3 times that year! He’s certaily made up for it since.

James Harvey (RM/LM)
Write-up: A great player on his day, and a dead-ball specialist, but lacked the physical presence often required on a Sunday morning. Off the pitch, James wasn’t the loudest member of the team, but was usually in attendance – even when singled out by Mr Chairman.

Phil Owen (CM/RB/RM) aka Willie aka Nosebleed
Write-up: Led from the front. Then the back. Then midfield. Positional sense was not Phil’s strongpoint. Despite this, and shooting that made Carlton Palmer look like Ronaldinho (hence nickname ‘Nosebleed’), Phil gave 150% and was great at winning the ball. Back. A legend in the bar – never afraid of any drinking challenge!

Pete Williams (RM/CF) aka The Rev
Write-up: The ‘Rev’ was a great player, though as he was nearing the end of Uni life, was lacking fitness during 99/00. In true 2nd team tradition, Pete loved a drink and he and his housemates would often wake up with bruises due to BB Gun war the night before!

Chris Gledhill(CM) aka Sick Boy
Write-up: Quite a talented player, but in true 2nd Team style a piss-head. Unfortunately, Chris couldn’t handle his ale, and was often on the receiving end of practical jokes when out (Old Glan, Parking Lot and Lampost seem to ring a bell – stripped naked).

Tryfan Prosser (CF) aka Buster
Write-up: Player-Manager, whose appearances were limited to BUSA matches. Often the instigator of idiotic stunts on a night out (though often not a participant), Tryfan was regularly brought down to earth with a bang by Mr Chairman!

Jez Elson (CF) aka Ice Man
Write-up: Ice-man. Strong, powerful striker with an eye for goal, though first touch was occasionally like a pass. Always happy in the bar, Jez only ever lost his Ice-Man status when he was too wasted remember his own name!

Darren Jones (CF/CM) aka Jonesy
Write-up: A decent player on the pitch, though Jonesy was mainly renowned for his antics off it. Mr Chairman for a number of years, Jonesy ruled with an iron-fist and ensured nobody was let off the hook – including himself. Far too many stories to encapsulate here!

Steve Beavan (CF)
Write-up: Proof that looks are deceiving. A Chris Evans lookalike, and less meat than a budgie, but had a knack of scoring goals – especially when brought on as a sub. Off the field, hosted legendary parties, where assorted Vodka Jelly was always available!