About us & History

Old Boys Weekend is all about having a few drinks with old friends, recounting the same stories year after year.

It’s about football, where young and old (usually) battle it out on the Sunday morning for pride and the coveted trophy.

It’s about feeling like you’re a student again, like you never left, and doing things you wouldn’t dream of doing at home – or even while on holiday.

It’s about singing the songs at the top of your voice in The BelleVue, in unison with 50-60 others.

It’s about waking up on the Old Boys Monday, proclaiming “I’m too old for this shit”, then returning year after year.

What does Old Boys mean to you? Why not let us know. We’d also like to hear any stories you may have about any particular Old Boys weekend, which we’ll add to the site.

The History (UPDATED IN 2012) –

Despite previous records suggesting the Old Stars was established in 1966, new evidence now leads us to believe it was actually started in 1964 when a handful of Bangor Uni Footballers decided to capture names and addresses in a little red book and promised to meet up for annual reunions. At some point in the 1990s, Old Stars became Old Boys (though the Old Stars still consider themselves Old Stars and are a well established group, otherwise known as BOSOM). As its popularity grew, a number of other sports teams joined in and Old Boys is now seen as THE reunion weekend for all UWB students. If you have any further details, or were one of the original Old Stars, we love to hear from you – click here.

Anyway, enough from me. Take a look around the site – hopefully there will be something to make you smile. As you will see, we’re still a long way from completion, and are always grateful for your help with any details/ideas.