The Chairman position is a key position within the old boys network. He sets the tone of the weekend, evening and yearly events.

He is to be respected at all times and any old boy or current student should do as much as possible to please ‘Mr Chairman’

There have been many different chairmen down the years, some having served a short period whilst others for longer.

At times of change the newly auditioning chairmen must show their abilities to lead through a variety of means more commonly known as the ‘Chairmans challenge’

Throughout the year:

Mr Chairman oversees many aspects such as weddings, stag do’s, births, birthdays, tshirt organisation and accommodation. He will also ensure that the old boys network is regularly updated with any new or annual traditions.

Over the old boys weekend:

Mr chairman sets the activities such as golf, karaoke and the football match times and details. Also oversees the general rules of old boys- they are unwritten and ignorance is not an excuse.

During an evening/day:

Mr Chairman will provide times of arrived and place to congregate. He will ensure any games are played by all as well as nominating certain positions such as ‘Mr Snitch’ and ‘Mr Weights & Measures’

Ensure throughout an evening you keep Mr Chairman happy!!


Most of all Mr Chairman wants you to enjoy your year, weekend and evening!!